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Dedicated and Driven.

Why I’m Running

As a first generation immigrant who has endured the heavy hand of an oppressive government I am running for the Minnesota State Representative seat.  I refuse to allow my children and my community to experience this undemocratic way of life. We need to hold our government accountable and strive to leave a better Minnesota for our next generation. 


Gabriela Kroetch
Candidate for State Representative
Minnesota House District 55A


To positively impact the lives of all Minnesotans by giving more than what is expected so that our children can experience true American exceptionalism. 


To enrich the quality of life for our citizens by ensuring that freedom, liberty, and opportunity are tirelessly defended for every Minnesotan.

Core Values

To stay committed and focus on transparency, integrity, and perseverance to better serve families, communities, and businesses.

Join our Team!

      Meet Gabriela

      Gabriela Kroetch is a mother of two, wife of 19 years to her husband, Josh, and believes in America. As a first-generation immigrant, she strongly feels that it is a privilege to be an American and that it should be cherished each day.

      Born and raised in Slovakia, at the end of a four-decade-long communist rule, she, and her family, experienced firsthand, the immense injustices and hardships of this regime. Through it all, her family remained optimistic and hopeful for a better future. Gabriela was raised to be an independent freethinker who exemplifies…


      On the Issues

      Controlling the Cost of Living

      Minnesotans are facing increasing costs for gas, food, and everyday living. Gabriela will fight for policies that make your pay go up and your bills go down.

      Keeping our Communities Safe

      Gabriela will work to provide communities the support they need to fund hard-working, expertly trained police officers to keep our neighborhoods safe. That’s job #1 of government. We must get it right.

      Great Schools for our Kids

      It’s never been more important for parents to be involved in their children’s education. We learned during COVID that children learn best in the classroom and one size fits all education is harmful to academic progress.