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Meet Gabriela

Gabriela Kroetch is a mother of two, wife of 19 years to her husband, Josh, and believes in America. As a first-generation immigrant, she strongly feels that it is a privilege to be an American and that it should be cherished each day.

Born and raised in Slovakia, at the end of a four-decade-long communist rule, she, and her family, experienced firsthand, the immense injustices and hardships of this regime. Through it all, her family remained optimistic and hopeful for a better future. Gabriela was raised to be an independent freethinker who exemplifies character, internal fortitude, and integrity.


As a child, she gravitated toward sports, learning the importance of teamwork. She was recruited by a local handball club and eventually earned a spot on the Slovakian National Team, which afforded her the opportunity to play in numerous national championships and earn countless awards. She travels extensively around Europe and Asia and briefly played at the professional level.


After concluding her high school and university studies, Gabriela decided to immigrate to America in 2002. Living and working in South Dakota, she met Josh, who shared her love of travel and a background in sales. They moved to Minnesota in 2008 and decided to raise their children at home to instill the values and virtues they hold dear.


In 2009, Gabriela was honored to become a citizen of the United States. Her citizenship sparked her desire to dedicate her life to giving back to the community that welcomed her with open arms and provided her with unlimited opportunities.

She volunteers her time at school functions and participates in fundraisers for both of her children’s schools. She has also been an active member of her local Senate District, serving on committees and supporting local causes and candidates. She is a current Fellow at Minnesota Excellence in Public Service program designed to encourage, mentor, and prepare select Republican women leaders to seek new levels of involvement in government and politics.

While America is enjoying a reprieve from the Covid-related mandates and restrictions, Gabriela is prepared to act. She has not forgotten how our government severely divided people, quickly took away our medical freedoms, and how they underhandedly dressed their policies up as concern for the well-being of individual citizens.

Gabriela never imagined that one day she would see increasingly totalitarian practices materialize here in the United States of America. She believes that if Americans are allowed to exercise their God-given freedoms, they will ultimately succeed. The ability to overcome obstacles is a signature trait of this American nation throughout history. Individualism and a strong sense of national pride have always been at the forefront of our American exceptionalism.

Raised in a country where only compliance was rewarded, Gabriela has a unique perspective about freedom and is prepared to champion those freedoms for everyone. She is committed to doing more than standing for us – she is prepared to run for us and make the enhancements needed in our state and our country.